Will Your Photographs Survive Technology?

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Remember looking through boxes of photographs at your parents’ home?  Turning the pages of family albums? Seeing pictures of your parents as kids? Seeing your baby pictures, first birthday, first day of school and graduation?  Looking at photographs of the relatives you’ve never met?
These photographs are your inheritance; they are your history.
Now let’s think about the photographs you take today… your legacy.  You snap away on your cell phone or digital camera capturing precious memories. You hire a photographer for wedding pictures, new babies, family portraits, and your child’s graduation.  You proudly upload them to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to share with your friends and family… but you don’t print them.  You keep them saved on your phone or saved to a disc in a drawer.
You know you can see them anytime you want…or can you?

Now, imagine not having a single picture to show your children.

Technology changes rapidly.
Records, 8 tracks, cassette tapes, VCR’s and floppy discs, to name a few, are relics of the past.
Gone are Windows 98, Vista and older Apple/Mac operating systems.
Software constantly changes.  Computers are “old technology” by the time you take them out of the box.  Some opt for iPads, tablets and phones over computers; and most of these devices do not read discs.  Many of you have had to buy new printers, monitors, card readers or other devices because you upgraded and your old software no longer works with your new devices.

How many of you have phones that have died, taking your memories with them? How many discs and hard drives will fail when you try to view them years later?

Will you still be able to open your disc of memories?
Vinton Cerf, often called “the father of the Internet”, stated that “Files we so confidently store today could be lost because they’re incompatible with new hardware technologies that emerge.  The result, he contends, could be that many of those files will be rendered useless, inaccessible to future generations.”
Alas, changing technology is not your only enemy.  Files are electronic, which means the devices you save them to need electricity if they are ever be viewed again. Power surges and lightening strikes can wipe out data or make a file so corrupt it can no longer be read; even the threat an EMP attack (electro magnetic pulse) can destroy your memories forever.
So what is the safest way to ensure your legacy lives on?  You simply need to put it in print.
Your memories should be accessible for you and your family to enjoy for generations.  Your memories deserve to be real and available to see, touch and feel.  That’s why Little Mountain Photography offers beautiful archival prints, albums and wall art.  And it doesn’t end there, I want to create the best portraits possible for you.  That’s why I only work with professional labs to process your images; only then can I insure the best quality and colors that your memories deserve.
When all of our devices are old and outdated, when everything in this world appears replaceable… some things are not. Memories are one of those things. Photographs remind us of who we were, how we lived and how we loved. When all else is lost, they are the treasured keepsakes, records of history and an inheritance that should be passed down to new generations.
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