A guy and his truck

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Meet Alex… Class of 2017

White T-shirts, Jeans and Boots…Trucks, Ponds and 4 Wheeler’s…

…And that Winning Country Boy Smile!

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Alex will be the first to tell you, he “is not the picture kind of guy”.

So not surprisingly, when his mother first suggested that he

become a Little Mountain Senior Representative and model,

he was not exactly thrilled about the idea.


All that changed when Alex realized that he could dress how he wanted and be himself

and even more importantly, that we would take his portraits where he wanted.


In the woods and at his home… it didn’t take long for Alex to

become perfectly at ease in front of my camera.


Perhaps most surprising to Alex was that he actually had fun at his session; and his portraits reflect it.


Alex selected a beautiful heirloom portrait book to showcase his senior portraits

and a key chain to carry his favorite portrait with him.


The key chain? Alex and his truck of course!

A true depiction of who he is at this moment in time.


What an honor to be part of such an important moment in Alex’s life… his last school picture.