Size Matters

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If your “go to” size for your family portrait is an  8×10, you might want to re-think that.

Just how big is it really when you put it on your walls?


You may be surprised when you see  your beautiful portrait completely

absorbed by the size of your room.

Don’t get me wrong, 8×10’s have their place.

Lets face it, our Mom’s bought 8×10’s for years, because it was the “go to” size…

They were the “standard” size for annual school pictures, changed out each year as time passed.

They are awesome gift prints for family & special friends or to sit on a shelf or desk,

but when it comes to displaying those “special portraits” on your walls, they fall drastically short.

Thankfully today, there are many more options available to us!

Classic Framed Prints, Stylish Canvas Wraps, Modern Vivid Metals…

Little Mountain Photography carries them all!

Not sure what size you need? No problem, we can help you

pick out the perfect size or collection for your home.

We can even show you exactly how it will look on your walls before you purchase it!

Included in Little Mountain Photography’s portrait sessions,

is an opportunity for us to come to your home and photograph the walls

on which you would like to hang your personalized wall art.

Then after your session, we will use those photographs to design

custom collections made especially for your home so

that you can see for yourself exactly what they will look like!

So instead of mama’s 8×10, that you will struggle to see across the room,

You will have a beautiful gallery of custom artwork right in your own home!

So what are you waiting for?

Contact us today and see for yourself the difference

Little Mountain Photography has to offer.

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