Treasured Memories

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I am a photographer and so I value photographs;

but never does anyone realize how valuable they truly are until they are all you have left.


My father joined my mother in eternity on August 2nd.
During preparation for his services I frantically searched through shoe boxes and albums, looking for memories of his life so that I might share them with those who knew and loved him.

As I poured through the sea of photographs, I laughed, I cried and I remembered.


As the photographer, I am usually the one behind the camera, but knowing their value and that no one is guaranteed tomorrow, I made myself be in front of the camera with my Dad.


And you know what? It doesn’t matter anymore that I did not lose that extra weight first, that I have aged or have a few wrinkles; What matters most to me is that I have a photograph of my Dad and I together.

I’m so glad I made myself take that photograph. I will never be able to take another portrait with him.

I will treasure this reminder of his love for me forever.


Please don’t wait to take that photograph with your someone special.

It’s not for you, it’s for them…to treasure when we are gone…to be their forever memory.


Print your phone pictures, have your portraits taken, make scrapbooks and albums…

I promise you they are hidden treasures waiting to be opened by generations to come.


Additionally, I want to say a special “THANK YOU” to my amazing clients who have been so kind and patient during my absence during the illness and loss of my father. I know it’s been hard to wait for your portraits and I truly appreciate you. You gave my father the gift of his family when he needed them most.

Thank you.